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Who needs Superfast broadband?

Our lives are more connected every day. In the home, more and more gadgets and appliances – phones, TVs, tablets, games consoles – work best with a good internet connection. Meanwhile, small businesses can unlock increasing opportunities to delight customers with innovative solutions and more flexible working practises.

Quite simply, traditional broadband connections often struggle to cope with the simultaneous demands of downloading large files, streaming videos or music, with multiple devices and appliances logged on at the same time. With Superfast fibre broadband though, everyone within a home or small business is able to do what they want online – all at the same time – without any annoying delays.

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"It's amazing to think I can be in my rural home with this connection and work as if in the middle of a bustling city office. It is a trend I can only see increasing as more businesses realise the benefits to both employer and employee." Oliver Brand, IBM homeworker, Cornwall

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