What to expect from an engineer visit

When you contact your service provider to report a fault, order a new line or have some work done in your home (for example extension wiring, data sockets installed, laptops or set top boxes connected), they’ll arrange for an Openreach engineer to visit.  Your service provider will then confirm the date with you.

On the day of your appointment, your engineer will call or text you in advance to confirm that you're in, get some specific site access information and tell you roughly when they'll be there within the designated time-slot.  What we won't ever do is ask for your bank details.  If someone contacts you claiming to be from Openreach and asks for your financial details don't give them any information and end the call immediately.

When they arrive, and before you let them in, it’s a good idea to check their ID badge to ensure they’re really from Openreach. Some of our new engineers will be driving plain white vans so the ID badge is the best form of identification.

Once inside, the engineer will talk you through what they’ll be doing, agree where to put equipment and discuss your wiring options. Then, when they’re finished, they'll check to see that everything is up and running – and clean up before leaving.

Let us know how we did

If your engineer did a great job you can send them a thank you message. Alternatively, if you don’t feel your engineer visit was satisfactory get in touch with us.

An engineer visit

If you order a new phone, broadband or TV service or have a problem with your service, you may need an engineer visit. Find out what happens, and why you should expect Openreach.