Fibre broadband

The big build 

Superfast fibre is lighting up the UK.

Covering 30 million customers, our network supports 300 million telephone calls every day and provides 5.5 million fibre lines to homes and businesses. And our fibre network upgrade, one of the biggest and fastest in the world, is helping the Government achieve its aim of reaching 95% of UK premises with Superfast fibre broadband by the end of 2017.


Over 26 million premises already have access to fibre broadband, with around 20,000 being added each week. And our network is open to all service providers, so there's plenty of choice of who to buy from. Thousands of our engineers work every day to plan and install the equipment needed to make this possible. The scale of our fibre roll-out programme is massive. But we know we still have more to do.

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Our responsibilities

Read more about our service and coverage commitments, our performance and our support for our charity partner SSAFA.

Our Charter summarises our aspirations, our investment in our digital future and how we're raising standards to meet the demands of consumers and businesses today and tomorrow.
We're delighted to partner with SSAFA, the armed forces charity, supporting them in providing life changing services for those who have  served and their families. 
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Rural broadband

We're working with Government to reach properties in rural areas that are hard to reach or not commercially viable with private funding alone.


We're committed to working with all communities to find a fibre solution that's right for them.
See what’s involved in the main stages of the fibre roll-out.
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