Superfast fibre broadband

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Superfast broadband doesn’t just make uploading and downloading music, films and photos quicker, it also means everyone in the home can do what they want online – all at the same time.

So while one person streams their choice of film to the smart HD TV in the living room, someone else can indulge in a bit of online gaming and another can video chat with their friends. All without any annoying buffering or loss of signal that a traditional copper broadband line would suffer. And it’s great for studying or working from home too!

What difference does Superfast fibre broadband make?

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Stream HD films
What you want, exactly when you want it
Download and play games
No waiting, no lag, no limits
Store documents and photos
Back up everything in the cloud
Catch up TV on demand
You set the schedule
Unlimited music streaming
Millions of internet radio stations
Everyone at once
No more fighting over broadband

Superfast stories

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A good connection means less time and money travelling and more time with the family

"It's amazing to think I can be in my rural home with this connection and work as if in the middle of a bustling city office. It is a trend I can only see increasing as more businesses realise the benefits to both employer and employee.” Oliver Brand, IBM homeworker, Cornwall

The kids are growing up with everything being so fast and easy thanks to Superfast broadband!

"I have young kids and already I can see how much they get out of what's available online to help with schoolwork and learning. Of course, they like watching movies as well!” Grainne Madden, Maghera

Superfast broadband has completely changed the way we are using the internet

"I am a freelance journalist and researcher and it is making my work from home so much more productive. With a new grandson in Oxfordshire, I am also looking forward to being able to see him via webcam and Skype in future.” Lesley Trotter, St Day, Cornwall

Since we got the fibre broadband we have certainly been popular!

My grandchildren are here without fail every Wednesday to use the broadband and they'd be here every day if they were let! They love it and we love having them here with their mates so everyone's happy." Mr & Mrs Gerry Higgins, Lisnaskea

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