New build homes

New build homes

Fibre broadband or phone problems in your new build home?

If your developer is still on site

If your developer is still working on site at your housing development, and you’ve noticed that the Openreach equipment is missing or damaged, we’d recommend asking the developer for help. 

The developer can work directly with our Openreach Field Based Co-ordinator, who will be able to help fix the issue.

If your developer has left you an Openreach Homeowner Guide in their welcome pack this includes additional advice on simple checks to make.

If you’ve already placed an order and are having problems

If you’ve already contacted your service provider, and placed an order for the services you want but are having problems it’s best to report the problem to your service provider. They’re best placed to run tests to diagnose and resolve your problem as quickly as possible and, if necessary, they will contact us.

If you’ve been unable to order phone or fibre broadband

If you’ve contacted your chosen service provider but weren’t able to place an order for the services you want then contact us at Openreach using this form and we’ll work to resolve your problem.