Phone and broadband problems

Phone and broadband

Phone and broadband problems

If you need to arrange or have a question about an installation, or if you’re experiencing problems with your phone or broadband service, you should report it to your service provider. They work alongside Openreach and are best placed to run tests to diagnose and resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

Before contacting your service provider, there are a few checks you can perform yourself which might resolve the problem.

First – Check if there is a wider problem in your area

Use our Local Network Status Checker to quickly see if we already know about a problem in your area that might be affecting your phone or broadband service.

Second – Perform some basic checks on your equipment

  • Check that you have power to your equipment (phone, modem, etc) and that it is switched on
  • Check your phones/handsets aren't faulty – test each phone by unplugging them and re-connecting them one at a time – making sure to check the line each time
  • Check any equipment that's connected to your telephone line in the same way – this may include routers, televisions, set top boxes, modem, faxes, alarms and auto diallers (care systems).
  • Restart your broadband equipment by turning the power off and on again, allowing sufficient time for your equipment to power up.
  • Make sure all the cables are correctly connected and haven’t become loose
  • If using w-fi, check your wi-fi connection is working correctly. Have you another device you can test this from?
  • Test with a different broadband router if you have one available.
  • Before contacting your service provider, it may be helpful to have an alternative phone available when they are running tests.

If the problem continues to persists, then you should contact your service provider. Your most recent telephone bill will have the details of your service provider and how to contact them.


Why can’t I contact Openreach directly for phone or broadband problems?

All of your details are held by your service provider. They provide your phone/broadband service and manage your account. We simply don’t have the information needed to help you.

Don’t worry though. If your service provider believes the fault is on the Openreach network they’ll contact us and arrange an appointment on your behalf.

If you're not sure who your service provider is, check your telephone or broadband bill. It's possible you may have different providers for each service – phone, broadband and/or TV – so make sure you contact the right one.