Who we are

Who we are

About Openreach and service providers

What is Openreach?

Openreach is a division of BT Group, responsible for the "first mile” of the UK access network - the copper wires and fibre that connect homes and businesses to local telephone exchanges. Our customers are the 580 plus service providers (SPs) who rely on us to enable them to deliver the telephone, broadband, superfast broadband, data and TV services that households and businesses buy from them. When Openreach’s engineers visit customers' homes and businesses to carry out installation or repair work, they’re working on behalf of service providers.

Openreach employs over 30,000 people installing, supporting and maintaining the wiring, fibres and connections which link tens of millions of homes and businesses in Britain to our customers' networks.

Why does Openreach exist?

Openreach was established in 2006 in order to provide products and services to service providers (SPs) on an "equivalent" basis. This obligation is embodied in the BT Undertakings given to the communications regulator Ofcom in September 2005.

These Undertakings state that we will provide the same products and services to ALL of our customers (the service providers) on the basis of "Equivalence of Inputs", which means in essence:

  • at the same prices;
  • using the same processes; and
  • to the same timescales.

Who are service providers?

Service providers are the organisations that provide telephone, broadband, data and TV services to end customers – including households and businesses. These are the people you purchase your communications services from.

How to check if an engineer is genuine

Fraudsters may try to get all kinds of financial information so you need to keep everything protected. If an engineer is due to come to your premises for any reason they will call or text you in advance to check that you're in, get some specific site access information and tell you roughly when they'll be there within the designated time slot.  We won't ever ask for your bank details so if someone calls you claiming to be from Openreach and asks for your financial details please don't give them any information and end the call.


Our engineers use a wide range of vans so don't worry if their van doesn't say 'Openreach' on the side, they will always show you their Openreach identity badge when they arrive to prove that they're genuine.  If they don't present their badge immediately ask to see it and if they don't have a badge then please don't let them in.